I absolutely love it when my families choose their homes as the location for their session! A family’s home is intimate, its their personal space. This space changes. That’s why its so important to document families, just as they are - in their own homes.

I speak from experience. My family has moved around a lot! In the last 13 years of marriage, we’ve lived in 11 homes. Yes you read that right :) That’s why I hold this dear to me. Even within the same house, I know my house looks very different as we grow as a family. Therefore I make sure I document us at home, every opportunity I get.

This is exactly why I was excited when Mum chose their home. When I arrive, I do a quick recee of the home to check potential areas that will be good locations for our session. It depends on a lot of things - mainly light and areas where the family spends a lot of time and where the family has more emotional connection than others.

In this home, we started indoors in kids’ rooms. I loved the connection between the two sisters. The younger one was so excited to show me her room! The pride in her voice was unmistakable!

Then we moved to the living room, conservatory and finally outdoors. The weather was amazing that day and the family had an amazing time. They were just so relaxed and themselves that I loved capturing the authenticity between them.

I was delighted to capture these memories for this family. Once again thankful that I get to do this for a living!

Sharing some pictures from the day. Enjoy! xx