I was lucky to participate in one of the largest Coffee Mornings in the world - Macmillan Coffee morning.

I was able to do so because one of my dear friends felt strongly about the cause and raised her hand to be a host. Inspite of a full time job, a child to take care of and a very hectic schedule - she put up her hand and for that itself - kudos to her!

Leading up to the event, she was extremely organised and dedicated. She sent regular updates to all the people who had expressed interest. She opened her wonderful warm home to all the guests who came with equal dedication to the cause. Together, the event raised a whooping £200 - which is an amazing feat for a private event!

It was a morning spent laughing with friends, having wholesome yummy food and also learning. Learning from a doctor in the group who talked about signs to look out for, factors that increase the risk and just how to take care of and check oneself regularly.

The morning was spent listening to a brave lady who is currently going through treatment. The strength it takes to come out and speak about something so personal, so painful - is unfathomable.

This coffee morning was spent with my heart full.

Here’s raising a cup to every lady out there - who is going through treatment right now. Hope you have all the support you need, to get through this difficult time and to put this episode behind you! <3