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First Trip to Istanbul (Part2) | Birmingham Newborn-Maternity-Family Photographer

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First Trip to Istanbul (Part2) | Birmingham Newborn-Maternity-Family Photographer

This is the Part 2 of 3 blog posts dedicated to our family trip to Istanbul this summer. You can read all about Part1 of our family trip here. Believe me, this was after I was extremely strict with myself in terms of what I am sharing here - else it would have been a 10 part series! Lol:)

After Galata tower, we stopped for lunch at this cafe just by the tower. It was the most yummy food that we had during our stay. If getting here wasn’t difficult - I’m sure we would have ended up here everyday! :)

After the scrumptious lunch, we went looking for this street which was full of umbrellas. It was a tiny little street tucked away in a sweet neighborhood called Karakoy. I loved the little signs, little cafes in this place that gave it a character of its own.

You must be wondering why have I included pictures of so many cats in each series. Because that place was FULL of cats. I don’t think I have seen so many cats roam the streets in my entire life! On more than one occasion, I was taking a picture of the kids and after the shot, when I start to walk - I almost walk over a stretching cat!! It seriously is a must do city for cat lovers! :)

From Karakoy we went to these rainbow steps. Though a little ill-maintained the steps had lovely colors and yours truly had to get snap happy here! Thankfully the crew agreed too :)

After a short rest, one of the most anticipated part of our trip started - the Bosphorus cruise. It was a lovely evening with the sun shining brightly behind us. We chose to sit at the top viewing area (of course!) - it got slightly chilly as the evening progressed - but the views were more than worth it! :)

The next morning I was feeling adventurous so I left on my own, with the kids in their PJs - and took them to one of their favorite places - the fountain between Hagia Sofia and the Blue mosque. Boy! Did these two have fun there!

Thanks for following our journey so far! I will be back with the final part soon! :)


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First Trip to Istanbul | Birmingham Newborn-Maternity-Family Photographer

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First Trip to Istanbul | Birmingham Newborn-Maternity-Family Photographer

This summer our family took a trip to Istanbul. We had been waiting for the last few years to plan a trip here. So you can imagine what the excitement levels were when we finally got to go! :)

Its a beautiful country and there are a number of images that I want to share. Therefore, I have made it into a 3 part series. This is Part 1.

I fell in love with the location of our hotel. We stayed in a very central location which allowed our family to do all the things on our list - two kids in tow! Honestly, I feel that is an achievement in itself! lol :)

We started the trip with the gorgeous Hagia Sophia. There are quite a few pictures of these lamps inside - that were breathtakingly gorgeous! I just couldn’t get enough of them!

The kids were getting a little bored but this little guy kept our older one entertained for a long time!. Can’t thank the crew at Turkish Airlines enough for this! It came as part of the kiddie bag and was just so valuable throughout the trip!

For our younger guy, we were taking turns entertaining and that was just fine for each of us :)

From Hagia Sofia, we took off for the Vast Topkapi Palace. Huge, vast, magnificent are some of the adjectives that come to mind. It was a goegeous day. We couldn’t have chosen a better time to go to this gorgeous location.

On Day 2 we started with the famed Grand Bazaar. Its safe to say that it did not disappoint! It was FULL of amazing finds to touch, feel and taste! Every new corner brought with it a new delight. We had no plans to buy anything….when we entered. The story was quite different when we left! haha :)

Next stop was Basilica Cistern. It was amazing to see such a reservoir from centuries ago. That was one baffling thing about Istanbul. The history of the place just blew us away. Everything we experienced made us conscious that these structures have been in the same place for hundreds of years. That just felt very special.

From the cistern we were off to the Hippodrome. The large open space in the middle of the bustling city was a pleasant surprise!

The final set of pictures in Part 1 are from Galata Tower. One of the landmarks of the city. Getting there was an uphill task…literally! :) It was a long wait but once we were in…it felt like we had been transported into a different world. The views of the city were just breath taking!

That’s all for Part 1. Thanks for being here if you are still with me :)

I will be back with Part 2 of this 3 part series in a few days. xx

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