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Whiting Family | Birmingham UK Family Photography

Whiting Family | Birmingham UK Family Photography

Oh how I absolutely love photographing my families !! Truly.

This was my first time photographing The Whiting family. We met on a typical not-so-sunny afternoon :) The boys were full of energy! Mum and Dad gave them a little time in the playground and then off we went to explore the larger park.

We danced a little…well, everyone danced and Dad tried! :) We walked on slightly muddy grass, the boys ran around a lot and then played with bubbles :)

It was an amazing afternoon spent with even more amazing people! I had so much fun at this shoot that I literally didn’t want to stop shooting! Mum and Dad both will attest to that! lol :)

Dad had also prepared me that the younger one will not directly look at the camera. I took this as a challenge and am so happy with the results! We succeeded in getting some amazing shots of him having fun, directly looking at the camera too - without being asked to do that even once! That tells me that my family really had fun and thats all that matters :)

Enjoy this beautiful family and take a peak at all the fun we had that afternoon!