Newborn photography is a big passion of mine. These moments are so fleeting and need to be documented. I am honored when my families invite me into their homes to capture this special time for them.

If I had to describe what my newborn sessions feel like, I would say they feel like an easy Sunday morning. 

I always schedule my sessions around 9:30 am. The reason is that I have learned over the years from being a mum to my babies that they tend to be calmer in the morning. Also, light indoor is typically better in the am. 

So when I arrived in this house, the house was just getting going. Mum had got ready, perhaps for the first time since having the baby, and was feeding the little one. Dad was entertaining the older brother who was full of energy . Tea was brewing. It was just perfect :)

The love in this house was palpable. Big brother didn't have a bit of jealousy for his little sister, only love and complete adoration! It literally made my heart melt. 

I never ask my families to do any strange or uncomfortable poses and I allow the baby to lead the session 100%. And lead Baby Penelope did! She didn’t sleep a wink for the whole session!! Which is such a rare thing! :) I totally loved her energy and something tells me that she is just going to love being photographed as she grows up! Bless! :)

Well without further ado, enjoy!