I wanted to commit to a 365 for a LONG time. You ask what is a 365. Its committing to taking a photograph a day. The subject can be anything that captures your eye, anything that motivates you…makes your heart sing :) You would think thats an easy job for a photographer, right? :) Not really. When it comes to taking pictures of families that hire me - its far easier for me as I am committed to my families having a stellar experience. Which means I keep myself to a schedule - I shoot, upload, edit and deliver - all at pre agreed timelines and it gets done accordingly.

But when it comes to personal stuff, I’ve been known to drag my feet - specially where editing is concerned! I love the process of editing as it brings my vision to life - but actually ‘getting to it’ is a major task given my two littles :) Well, I’ve finally committed to a 365 with the hope that this knowledge about myself will help me not falter. I’m happy to report that I made it through January - yayy! :) Let me see how long the streak lasts!

Sharing my favourites from January - enjoy!