In the gorgeous spring weather, our walks to the playgrounds have become quite regular. Doesn't matter near or far, you and I want to sample them all! :) I really like these moments between us. They are special. I break out of the disciplining mum, the serious mum, the homework mum, the no ice cream mum, the non holiday mum - that I feel I've become in our daily lives. These times of ours in the playground, they just let me break out of all these shackles and let me see you from afar - enjoying yourself, enjoying your childhood. Me at a distance, just observing you being a child, letting you be. I just love watching you. These times of ours - they remind me that things are so fleeting and you are growing up so fast that it scares me sometimes. But what gives me peace is that I have these pictures of you to hold on to and remember you like this - always. That I have you to hold on to even tighter - no matter how 'grown up' you become each day! Love you, Mum. xoxo.