''Pallavi is an amazing photographer!! The time and energy that she spent preparing for, researching and later editing our photos was amazing. We've had experiences in the past with other photographers who didn't know what to do when the kids got antsy or tired but not Pallavi! She had prepared fun props and games to get the kids interested again and get the perfect shot. She really captured their personalities as well. I can't say enough good things! I highly recommend Pallavi for family photos, events or anything special that you would like to treasure" - Jana Concha


''Pallavi was amazing during our wedding shoot. She took the time to plan and listen to what we wanted the end results to be. She went several times to the location and arrived ahead of time on the day of the event to make sure everything was set up and ready to go. She was always very kind, patient and very supportive. We felt very relaxed during the photoshoot and took all the time in the world to get the shots we needed. Pallavi is very professional and delivered beautiful pictures which thanks to her will be long lasting memories" - Salma Padrelin


''Words cannot express how much I love Pallavi as a photographer. She has the ability to capture the essence of a person and make it seem effortless. I have worked with Pallavi on two separate occasions and both times I have been impressed with her. She is truly a talented photographer" - Roxanne Munson


This was our first family photo shoot so I was a little nervous about it all ... what to wear, how the kids would behave... would they last? Pallavi is so professional. She put all my concerns to rest from our first conversations. She was incredibly helpful and patient with answering my questions about how to best prepare for the session. During the shoot she put us all at ease. She was complimentary and kind with the children making the whole experience fun! We were relaxed and the photos reflect that. She's amazing! She brought the best out of us all. We couldn't be more pleased with the experience and the beautiful photographs. I highly recommend booking a family session soon! - Ann Ebe