Both Photographs by the amazing Kirsty Larmour

Both Photographs by the amazing Kirsty Larmour

Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in my work. As far back as I can remember, I always had a camera in my hands (not a nice one though :)

I am a natural light photographer and like playing hide and seek with the sun in our unpredictable weather :) I love everything about natural light be it indoors or outdoors. I am a lifestyle photographer and love telling honest, emotive stories.

Capturing the moment has been very important to me. It took on a different meaning when I had my little baby seven years ago. I just wanted to create a time capsule and lock every minute, every beautiful smile, every thankful tear - and revisit it whenever I wanted. I turned to photography to make my time capsule possible :) since then I have had my second baby and my passion has only grown stronger!

I feel incredibly lucky to say that my my passion is now my career. I am obsessed with capturing life's fleeting perfectly imperfect moments. Moments that you do not have to create. I make sure that my families have a fun, relaxed time with me - so that they truly remember my one afternoon as a sliver of this perfect time in their lives.

Having had an expat life, I am thankful to call several cities my home starting from Calcutta, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Mexico City and now Birmingham, UK. We move around a lot and have finally decided to make UK our home. We love UK dearly and it was time to give our babies some roots. 

Now enough about me! I would love to get to know you and your loved ones and make gorgeous stories together. I am so looking forward to hearing from you! 

Pallavi Kejriwal is a celebrated Family and Newborn Photographer. Her work has been featured and exhibited in Click Magazine, Click Away Conference in US and The UK Photography Show, amongst others.